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This vintage advertising poster was sent to us from a footwear historian. It's about 60 years old - and it reveals the extraordinary history of the ITSHIDE Commando brand.


Worn by the British Army... The military first recognised the quality, comfort and durability of Commando soles and heels, and authorised them for British Army use.


Worn by explorers... to the North and South Poles. The Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition (1950), the British North Greenland Expedition (1951) and the British Commonwealth Transantarctic Expedition (1956/7).

Worn by mountaineers... climbing Mount Everest (1951) and the peaks of the Himalayas (1952).

More recently, footwear designers have joined the ranks of climbers and mountaineers acclaiming these 'world-famous, sure-footed' soles and heels.

Today, Commandos continue to give rigorous service to discerning consumers around the world.

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